• Soft drinks linked to ageing

    Soft drinks linked to ageing

    18 November 2015 . Posted by Laurelyn in Tips and Tricks

    It’s well known that sugary soft drinks cause tooth decay and enamel erosion.
    Soft drinks also promote obesity which contributes to chronic illnesses.

    Now US researchers are saying that drinking soft drinks may accelerate the ageing of the body and face as much as smoking.

    Chromosomes provide a measure of ageing. Thousands of adult DNA samples showed a chromosomal difference in those who drank soft drinks compared with those who didn’t.

    Another reason to put soft drinks in the sin bin and drink water.

  • Managing morning sickness

    Managing morning sickness

    26 October 2015 . Posted by Laurelyn in Tips and Tricks

    There’s nothing more unpleasant and dangerous for the teeth than the stomach acid that accompanies morning sickness.

    But there’s an easy solution. Baking soda has been the jack of all trades over the years.

    Every family has a box of McKenzie’s Bi-Carb Soda which is alkaline.

    It’s a quick way to buffer an acidic mouth and prevent enamel loss, sensitivity and yellow teeth.

    Put a teaspoon of Bi-Carb in a 250ml water bottle and use after vomiting episodes. Swish the solution around for one minute then spit. Delay brushing for one hour.

    It’s a great way to take care of stomach acid attack in the mouth.

  • Metallic taste during pregnancy

    Metallic taste during pregnancy

    19 October 2015 . Posted by Laurelyn in Tips and Tricks

    Ever suffered from a strange metallic or sour taste in your mouth early in pregnancy, even when you’re not eating?

    It’s just an unusual condition called dysgeusia and sometimes it affects your sense of smell as well.

    There are a variety of reasons our taste buds are affected including high hormonal levels, especially of oestrogen, and water retention in cells.

    Although dysgeusia is not well understood, it’s usually temporary so this too shall pass.

  • Pregnancy and old wives’ tales

    Pregnancy and old wives’ tales

    12 October 2015 . Posted by Laurelyn in Tips and Tricks

    Have you heard the tale that your teeth will become soft during pregnancy because the baby steals calcium from your teeth?

    Not true. The calcium is not lost from your teeth. It’s the calcium that you consume that affects the growth of your baby.

    But if enough calcium isn’t consumed then the baby will take calcium from the mother’s bones.

    It’s best to have a balanced diet with adequate calcium and take supplements if recommended by your doctor.

  • Thinking of getting pregnant?

    Thinking of getting pregnant?

    05 October 2015 . Posted by Laurelyn in Tips and Tricks

    It’s recommended that both you and your partner visit the dentist prior to conception to ensure good oral health.

    Not only does it mean a safer, healthier pregnancy, it safeguards the dental health of your newborn.

    Gum disease and tooth decay are the most prevalent infectious diseases in the mouth.

    The disease-causing bacteria can be passed from parent to child through saliva transmission.

    See us for your an assessment, treatment and disease prevention advice.

  • Surprising causes of stinky breath

    Surprising causes of stinky breath

    28 September 2015 . Posted by Laurelyn in Tips and Tricks

    Ineffective oral hygiene and periodontal (gum) disease are not the only causes of bad breath.

    Snoring dries the mouth at night which helps bacteria to grow including the nasty ones.

    Dentures that are not routinely cleaned and disinfected will harbour heaps of smelly germs.

    Post-nasal drip can cover the back of the tongue and high consumption of meat can produce foul gases as by-products.

    If you’re concerned about bad breath, have a word with us!

  • Does size matter?

    Does size matter?

    21 September 2015 . Posted by Laurelyn in Tips and Tricks

    When it comes to your smile, we'd like yours to be as big as possible. But here is a tip for all of you fishos out there.

    Do you use your teeth to tighten knots in fishing line? It’s a great way to damage a tooth especially if it’s already got tiny, hairline cracks.

    Teeth aren’t meant to be used to unscrew bottle caps, rip open plastic packages or chew ice cubes for that matter.

    Instead of using your teeth as tools, just keep pliers and scissors handy and you’ll avoid dental disasters.

  • Strong is the new sexy

    Strong is the new sexy

    14 September 2015 . Posted by Laurelyn in Tips and Tricks

    Home fitness machines, gym workouts and protein drinks can turn you into a lean, mean fighting machine.

    However protein drinks containing sugar are a source of tooth decay. In fact some drinks contain more sugar that protein!

    To protect your smile, consume protein drinks all in one go at mealtimes then rinse and clean your teeth.

    Strong may be the new sexy but who can resist a beautiful, healthy smile.

  • Whitening works wonders

    Whitening works wonders

    01 September 2015 . Posted by Laurelyn in Tips and Tricks

    Whether you’re off to the races or to a job interview, a nice smile can make you look and feel more confident.

    Here are 5 more things you should know about teeth whitening:
    • The new whitening solutions not only whiten, they deliver fluoride to protect the teeth
    • Having scale, plaque and surface stains removed first helps the solution to soak in evenly
    • It’s best to avoid staining drinks & foods after whitening
    • If you don’t overfill the home whitening trays with solution, the gums aren’t irritated
    • Keeping the home whitening solution in the fridge will extend its shelf life

  • Investing for the future

    Investing for the future

    31 August 2015 . Posted by Laurelyn in Tips and Tricks

    There are many reasons we need to protect kids’ teeth from tooth decay with wise diet choices, strict cleaning routines and regular dental visits.

    • Discomfort from tooth decay can affect a child’s health, sleep patterns and behaviour.

    • Removing unhealthy baby teeth early can cause space problems for adult teeth, resulting in crooked teeth.

    • Fixing the decayed teeth of an anxious child may require general anaesthetic – a serious matter.

    • Creating good habits early is one of the best investments a parent can make.