• Swish out your mouth

    Swish out your mouth

    20 February 2017 . Posted by Laurelyn in Tips and Tricks

    Townsville’s fluoridated tap water is the cheapest, easiest and tastiest mouthwash around.

    Everyone knows that it prevents tooth decay by making the enamel more resistant to plaque acids.

    But fluoride also has antibacterial properties which reduce plaque activity and plaque acid production.

    So sip, swish for 1 minute around the mouth and between the teeth then swallow after meals, snacks and smoko.

  • Don’t stop too soon

    Don’t stop too soon

    13 February 2017 . Posted by Laurelyn in Tips and Tricks

    Kids may be at risk for tooth decay due to inadequate parental supervision, according to a UK health organization.

    While risks from sugary foods and drinks are well-known, the lack of brushing supervision is also seen as a risk factor.

    Brushing your child’s teeth twice a day from an early age is an effective way for parents to reduce the risk of cavities.

    And even after the age of seven, it’s wise for parents to check on kids to ensure they do it correctly and for 2 minutes.

  • Can’t get kids to brush?

    Can’t get kids to brush?

    06 February 2017 . Posted by Laurelyn in Tips and Tricks

    Brushing twice a day for 2 minutes is recommended by dental professionals.

    Now there’s a new toothpaste to motivate youngsters to do just that. Colgate Total Proof is a germ-fighting toothpaste that’s a little different.

    The white paste turns to a blue foam, reaching its maximum colour at 2 minutes. It motivates kids to brush longer and helps parents see if it’s long enough.

    Check it out. It’s at chemists, supermarkets and online.

  • Protect your vision

    Protect your vision

    30 January 2017 . Posted by Laurelyn in Tips and Tricks

    Some interesting links have emerged between the mouth and the eyes.

    A study of 8,208 adults determined that gum disease is associated with those who have age-related macular degeneration and are aged 60 years or younger.

    Another study suggests that gum disease is linked to a risk for open angle glaucoma.

    As research continues, it’s best to have regular dental check-ups and take care of your mouth to protect your vision.

  • Do you worry about going to the dentist?

    Do you worry about going to the dentist?

    23 January 2017 . Posted by Laurelyn in Tips and Tricks

    • Have a chat with our dental staff about ways to cope with dental stress.

    • Ask lots of questions as fear of the unknown can fuel anxiety.

    • Choose a time when you’re less anxious, avoiding alcohol and caffeine before appointments.

    • Take a stress ball and squeeze regularly as you’ll feel 18% less anxious.

    • Use earbuds and music as a distraction device.

    • Consider pre-treatment calming medication or happy gas.

  • Saliva: Nature’s painkiller

    Saliva: Nature’s painkiller

    16 January 2017 . Posted by Laurelyn in Tips and Tricks

    Saliva is nature’s miracle in the mouth. It stops foods from sticking, buffers acids and delivers minerals to the teeth.

    It also catches germs in a net of mucin and protects us from pain.

    Saliva contains a morphine-like painkiller called opiorphin.

    Opiorphin is secreted in the mouth when we chew to protect us from sensitivity.

    For your baby fussing over erupting teeth jabbing the gums from underneath, a teething ring to stimulate saliva may be the best option.

  • Some tips for Invisalign patients

    Some tips for Invisalign patients

    09 January 2017 . Posted by Laurelyn in Tips and Tricks

    • Wash your hands before taking the aligner trays in or out

    • Change your aligners on time

    • Use your smartphone to remind you to replace your aligners after eating

    • Take a selfie every time that you change your aligners so you can see the changes in your smile

    • Resist snacking or drinking things that stain the teeth or aligners

    • Follow the white smile diet

  • Do you have a dry mouth?

    Do you have a dry mouth?

    02 January 2017 . Posted by Laurelyn in Tips and Tricks

    A dry mouth is dangerous because the mouth becomes acidic and the harmful germs thrive.

    Acids dissolve the protein pellicle layer on the teeth, making it easier for stains to stick.

    That includes coffees, teas and just about anything that would stain a white shirt.

    It also means that your lipstick sticks more easily to your teeth so here’s what you can do:
    • Drink plenty of water even if you’re not thirsty and rinse frequently
    • Apply lipstick with a lip brush then blot your lips with tissue
    • Use a straw when drinking sweetened liquids or liquids that stain

  • Time for something different

    Time for something different

    26 December 2016 . Posted by Laurelyn in Tips and Tricks

    Do you find scale quickly builds up inside your bottom front teeth?

    Scale acts like a coral reef hotel for germs which can cause gum disease.

    Why not try something different - use a dry brush to clean the inside of the bottom front teeth first.

    You’ll brush longer because you’re not drooling toothpaste everywhere and the flavour doesn’t distract your tastebuds.

    As well, your tongue can really feel if the teeth are clean.

    Then brush your whole mouth with toothpaste for a mini-fluoride treatment.

  • Xylitol’s amazing dental benefits

    Xylitol’s amazing dental benefits

    19 December 2016 . Posted by Laurelyn in Tips and Tricks

    Xylitol is a natural plant sweetener which is added to sweeten some gums, mints and lollies.

    You can also buy it as a sweetener to add to coffee or tea.

    Xylitol reduces bad bacteria, makes plaque less sticky, blocks acid production and promotes healthy bacteria.

    It’s perfect for promoting healthy gums, teeth and breath if chewed or sucked after eating or drinking.

    You can find Xylitol online or at health food shops.