• Regular maintenance: your car or your mouth?

    Regular maintenance: your car or your mouth?

    13 January 2015 . Posted by Laurelyn in Tips and Tricks

    The answer is both. But do you have your car serviced regularly but only go to the dentist when it hurts?

    Undiagnosed periodontal (gum) disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in older adults.

    If your gums bleed more than 3 days in a row when you clean, you probably have gum disease.

    Problems detected early are easier to fix and maintain. Regular check-ups which include screening for periodontal (gum) disease are the answer.

  • Sink your teeth into this idea

    Sink your teeth into this idea

    06 January 2015 . Posted by Laurelyn in Tips and Tricks

    Curb your appetite and lose weight by brushing your teeth. Crazy idea? Well some nutritionists don’t think so.

    They say that brushing after every meal signals the body and brain that mealtime is over.

    And clean teeth with minty breath will give you the willpower to pass up snacks between meals.

    If you can’t brush, they suggest you chew minty sugar free gum because the taste of mint overpowers the urge to eat.

    Give it a go. What have you got to lose?

  • Tooth-friendly Christmas Pressies

    Tooth-friendly Christmas Pressies

    22 December 2014 . Posted by Laurelyn in Tips and Tricks

    Christmas is not many sleeps away now. So what do you get for that person who loves the latest tech gadgets or wants the brightest smile?

    Here’s a suggestion: the Philips Sonicare Diamond Clean Toothbrush or the new Oral-B Smart Series 7000 power toothbrush are great ideas for the perfect Christmas gift which will improve dental health too.

    You can also pop some sugar free mints, a travel toothbrush, some Listerine Pocket Paks and a stylish lip balm into a Christmas stocking and you’re all set.

    We hope you enjoy a healthy and happy holiday.

    Smile will close on Christmas Eve and reopen on January 5. See you in 2015!

  • Beware those Christmas Goodies

    Beware those Christmas Goodies

    15 December 2014 . Posted by Laurelyn in Tips and Tricks

    Who can resist those gorgeous chocolates, delicious desserts, lip-smacking lollies and rounds of drinks at Christmas?

    Not many of us, for sure.

    But the germs that cause cavities also feed on the sugar in these foods and drinks, producing acid which demineralizes enamel and causes tooth decay.

    Here’s some advice at holiday time: eat cheese with a glass of bubbles to buffer the acids, have a sweet treat with a meal instead of between meals or eat those delectable goodies only once a day.

  • Holiday Travel Tips

    Holiday Travel Tips

    08 December 2014 . Posted by Laurelyn in Tips and Tricks

    It’s holiday time and many Australians are taking big trips abroad.

    Although dental kit contents may vary based on time away, destination and isolation, it’s wise to also travel with some basics in an emergency dental kit:
    • Orabase with topical anaesthetic for mouth ulcers
    • An emery board for smoothing a rough edge of a filling or crown
    • Orthodontic wax for braces or rough edges of fillings
    • Nurofen or alternate over-the-counter pain relief
    • Antibiotics from your healthcare provider

    We want you to have a worry-free holiday.

  • Replacing old fillings with new ones

    Replacing old fillings with new ones

    01 December 2014 . Posted by Laurelyn in Tips and Tricks

    When you laugh, talk or yawn, you may show more than you think…your old amalgam fillings.

    If the fillings are defective or show decay, they should be replaced by your dentist.

    However the new cosmetic tooth-coloured fillings can give you a more youthful smile.

    They also have a smoother, more durable surface so they discourage tooth decay because they trap less plaque.

    It’s another example of a dental procedure with structural and cosmetic benefits.


  • Spotlight moments

    Spotlight moments

    25 November 2014 . Posted by Laurelyn in Tips and Tricks

    You don’t need to be a star or be genetically-blessed to make your photos special.

    One key to smiling naturally is to relax; take a deep breath and think about something funny that makes you smile.

    Saying “cheese” may be the wrong thing; words that end in “ah” such as yoga, produce a nicer smile.

    Or try tucking your tongue behind your upper front teeth when you smile.
    And don’t forget to show your happiness and smile with your eyes too.

  • Dental Detectives

    Dental Detectives

    17 November 2014 . Posted by Laurelyn in Tips and Tricks

    Dentists, therapists and hygienists see patients regularly in a modern practice.
    As “dental detectives”, we look for clues regarding general health while examining dental problems.

    For example, a sore and painful jaw can be a potential warning of a heart attack. Night time teeth grinding and reflux acid wear are associated with sleep disorders.

    Enamel wear from acids and enlarged parotid glands can signal an eating disorder while an extremely dry mouth and uncomfortably dry eyes suggests Sjogren’s Syndrome.

    The mouth can be the mirror of your general health. We’ll tell you what we see.

  • Six tips to save your smile

    Six tips to save your smile

    23 September 2014 . Posted by Laurelyn in Tips and Tricks

    • Drink tap water and stay away from dark sweet drinks that damage your teeth 

    • Hold your toothbrush like a pencil when brushing to avoid scrubbing  

    • Change your toothbrush every 3 months or sooner if the bristles become frayed

    • Firmly hug & rub the sides of your teeth with floss to remove stains and plaque

    • Try the 5:2:8 diet which is 5 veg, 2 fruit and 8 glasses of water daily

    • Chew sugarless gum after a meal to neutralise your mouth if you can’t brush

  • Dry Brushing

    A new way to brush!

    05 September 2014 . Posted by Laurelyn in Tips and Tricks

    Dry brushing the insides first! Sound weird? Some hygienists from America are promoting the idea to reduce germ levels in the mouth.

    The insides of the lower teeth are more prone to plaque and scale build-up.
    So brushing the insides first with a dry brush only (no toothpaste) lets the tongue feel if the teeth are really clean.

    And people tend to brush longer where they start and not where they finish.
    Then brushing a second time with toothpaste delivers fluoride and a minty fresh taste.

    I’ve tried it and it works for me.