Fluoride treatments

Fluoride has a long history of preventing and inhibiting tooth decay. In fact, fluoride has proven so successful in maintaining dental health and hygiene, you’ll find it’s a common ingredient in toothpaste and even tap water.

Fluoride treatments applied during your regular hygiene visits to Cameron&Co provide a powerful booster in cavity prevention and control.

Cameron&Co recommends fluoride treatments in a wide range of cases, such as:

  • children and young adults with evident cavities
  • adults with gum recession, worn enamel or exposed root surfaces
  • patients wearing orthodontic appliances
  • patients with reduced saliva flow.

Fluoride treatments may be applied at Cameron&Co by rinsing, painting or using mouth trays containing fluoride gel or foam.

You can maintain your fluoride treatment at home by using Colgate NeutraFluor gel, toothpaste or rinse, as prescribed by your dentist or hygienist.