Your first visit

Your first visit

A comprehensive introductory examination
On your first visit to Cameron&Co, we will complete a comprehensive examination and survey of your dental health. This enables us to gather the information we need for complete diagnosis and treatment planning, helping us to maintain your smile for life.

Areas we will cover include

  • Your dental health and medical history
  • identifying any conditions, allergies or medications
  • identifying any habits or risk factors
  • identifying any special needs or concerns

This helps us to provide you with dental care that’s comprehensive, effective, comfortable and safe. If necessary, we will consult with your GP or specialist.

Full mouth charting

  • enabling a complete diagnosis of your mouth
  • addressing health, function and aesthetics
  • looking at your mouth and the supporting structures of your teeth as a whole 

Proper diagnosis enables us to better plan your treatment and continuing care, establishing priorities for the best long-term results.

Oral health examination

  • checking for any unhealthy lesions in the glands, jaw and soft tissue
  • checking for oral cancer, which accounts for 4% of all cancers

As with any medical condition, early detection is crucial for successful treatment. We can refer you to a specialist to further investigate or treat any problems we identify.

Periodontal charting

  • checking the supporting structures of your teeth—the gums and bones
  • checking for various forms of gum and bone disease, such as gingivitis and periodontitis.

One in four adults loses teeth to periodontal disease. We’ll explain the essential relationship between your oral health and your overall health.

Occlusal analysis

  • identifying habits—such as teeth clenching or grinding—that may affect your teeth and restorations
  • documenting the alignment of your teeth
  • assessing bite forces that may affect restorations
  • protecting the longevity of your teeth and restorations

Smile assessment

  • assessing the appearance of your teeth and smile
  • assessing your gum height and other soft tissue
  • discussing what you like and dislike about your smile
  • discussing your expectations and desires
  • explaining how your smile can be enhanced

Shade assessment

  • assessing the shade of your teeth
  • identifying your desired shade
  • assessing the potential benefits of teeth whitening
  • identifying shade guides for any restorative work, such as veneers, crowns or composite restorations


  • intra-oral and digital camera imagery
  • showing you what we see
  • demonstrating our concerns
  • revealing more detail
  • visually recording the teeth, lips and smile
  • creating “before and after” imagery


  • x-rays may be taken to provide a more detailed view of any areas of concern
  • revealing hidden tooth decay, such as under restorations or between the teeth
  • revealing any other hidden conditions

Early detection and intervention enable us to prevent any future problems and discomfort.

OPG film

  • a valuable diagnostic tool that provides a panoramic image of your teeth—both above and below the gum line
  • a bigger picture look, from the sinuses to the chin
  • revealing how the teeth are positioned in the jaw
  • revealing un-erupted teeth, such as wisdom teeth
  • revealing any abnormalities and hidden conditions
  • revealing the pathology of the jaw and any bone and tooth loss

Upper and lower study models

  • providing a diagnostic record of your existing teeth and bite
  • monitoring wear
  • helping to plan and present your treatment
  • helping to monitor and preserve your teeth and bite for the long-term
  • providing a reconstructive guide in case of an accident

TMJ assessment

  • detecting abnormalities and dysfunctions with the jaw and the jaw joint can reveal causes of certain headaches

Orthodontic considerations

  • if required, we can refer you for orthodontic treatment, for aesthetic or functional reasons
  • in some cases, this is required before preparing and proceeding with the treatment plan