03 January 2011 . Posted by Wolfgang in What's new

I'm setting off on a year long adventure. But never fear, I'll be back...

Our voyage begins in my partner’s home country – New Zealand – where we will spend time with family and cycle the 150 kilometre Otago Rail Trail.

For the next four months we’ll absorb new sights, cultures and climates as we travel throughout South America. Our trip will take in Machu Pichu and the Galapagos Islands. We’ll ride the Old Patagonian Express and pop in on Fidel in Cuba.

Then it is on to Germany to attend the 25 year reunion of my Dental School. We will visit family and friends and travel to the Baltic States and Iceland. We’ll take a cruise on Ireland’s River Shannon and sail the Greek Islands.

In Spring I will be back in my adopted homeland – zigzagging through the outback, going “overseas” again to Tasmania and finally returning to Smile in January 2013.

And you can be sure, I'll be wearing a big smile.

But until then, adventure awaits! Farewell!