• Getting Kids to Eat Healthily

    Getting Kids to Eat Healthily

    17 April 2013 . Posted by Laurelyn in Tips and Tricks

    Want to stop your baby from turning into a fussy eater?

    US researchers say that babies first get sensory information in the womb and then in breast milk.

    So if pregnant and breast feeding mums eat varied diets with lots of different fruit and veg, bub will too.

    What’s your experience?

  • How healthy are you? Bingo

    How healthy are you? Bingo

    21 March 2013 . Posted by Laurelyn in Tips and Tricks

    Give yourself a little health check with our take on Bingo (download the pdf here). It’s simple – just read and tick. When you have 6 ticks in a row or a column yell Bingo!

    Want to make a day of it? Try drawing numbers/letters out of a hat – H3 Cup of Tea, E4 Knock at the door, A5 Man Alive. You get the idea!

    No matter how you play, the person who can say “Yes” to 6 in a row is the champion. But best of all, they can proudly say they are living a very healthy lifestyle.

  • Do the Double Dip

    Do the Double Dip

    14 March 2013 . Posted by Laurelyn in Tips and Tricks

    What the heck does that mean? In dental terms you should start and end your toothbrushing in the mouth’s worst area for plaque and scale build-up, behind the lower front teeth.

    This is the area that’s hardest to reach with your toothbrush. It’s also the spot close to a salivary duct where the calcium salts flow against the teeth and harden.

    So do the double dip and this part of your mouth will get a double whammy – just what it needs. And if you use an electric toothbrush, that’s even better!

  • Spit, don't rinse!

    Spit, don't rinse!

    07 March 2013 . Posted by Laurelyn in Tips and Tricks

    So we brush our teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste to help prevent the holes in our teeth called dental cavities.

    Then we spit and rinse. Right?

    Wrong. It’s a tough habit to break but what we’re really doing is washing away the ingredients in toothpaste before they can work on the tooth surfaces to strengthen them.

    Spit well but don’t rinse for about half an hour to give yourself a mini-fluoride treatment.

  • Dental Yoga

    Dental Yoga

    28 February 2013 . Posted by Laurelyn in Tips and Tricks

    I love yoga and do it every day. Well, almost every day. Yoga relieves stress and helps me stop grinding my teeth.

    Even the Townsville Crocs are turning to yoga to loosen up before a game!
    Now there’s dental yoga. It’s as challenging as brushing your teeth while doing the tree pose, or as relaxing as chanting ‘aum’ before you floss.

    You can even exercise your facial muscles and jaw with yoga poses such as the lion pose. Give it a go!

  • Bacteria Cafeteria

    Bacteria Cafeteria

    07 February 2013 . Posted by Laurelyn in Tips and Tricks

    These days we’re all a bit busy and like to have some snack foods handy at work when we need a boost. But think again before you stock your drawer at the office.

    Sugary snacks taste great but cause tooth decay. High fat snacks are satisfying but pack on the weight. Big, open bags of food attract roaches and insects.

    Worst of all, any food spoilage that occurs when the air conditioning is turned off at night and the building heats up, is a breeding ground for bacteria. And who wants food poisoning!

    Instead, keep a limited supply of individually-sealed boxes, bags or packages of dentally-safe snack foods and rotate them regularly.

  • All you need to remember now is to smile.

    All you need to remember now is to smile.

    31 January 2013 . Posted by Laurelyn in Tips and Tricks

    Your wedding day is likely to be the most photographed day that you’ll ever have – so get your smile ready for the big day.

    A beautiful white smile begins with a trip to your dentist a month before the wedding for an individualized whitening treatment.

    Or six months before for a full, cosmetic makeover for the perfect look. Then you can smile with style.

    And remember to take it easy with foods and drinks that stain; anything that will stain a white dress will stain your teeth.

  • Nature’s Lollies

    Nature’s Lollies

    24 January 2013 . Posted by Laurelyn in Tips and Tricks

    Fruit has been described as nature’s lollies because fruit is so high in fructose, a natural sugar.

    Fruit is good for you because of the vitamins, minerals and fibre. The bad news is that the cavity-causing germs can’t tell the difference between fructose and sucrose or table sugar. They use either sugar as a fuel and produce acid which dissolves the teeth.

    So what to do? Snacking on fruit between meals is now considered bad advice. All fruits, juices and dried fruits contain fructose so be smart and limit the amount and frequency to mealtimes.

  • Cheese: Totally Awesome

    Cheese: Totally Awesome

    09 January 2013 . Posted by Laurelyn in Tips and Tricks

    What do cheese, sugarless gum and floss have in common? They all help reduce the risk of tooth decay.

    Cheese is an amazing story. Eating cheese increases the flow of saliva which buffers food and plaque acids. The dairy fat and casein in cheese coats the teeth to help prevent foods from sticking. Dairy calcium and milk protein also aid in restoring lost minerals.

    Growing kids can enjoy a nutritious, dentally-healthy snack. Adults who like a glass of fine wine will benefit from nibbling cheese while sipping.

    Everyone can eat, drink, be merry and say "cheese" for good dental health.