We want to keep you safe

We want to keep you safe

13 May 2020 . Posted by Laurelyn in Tips and Tricks

When you make an appointment with us, remember to let us know about any allergies that affect you. Have you ever had a reaction to local anaesthetic? Are there any antibiotics you can't take? Do you suffer from seasonal or food allergies?

Perhaps less well known is an allergy to natural rubber latex. It is increasingly common in people who work with latex a lot, such as healthcare and foodservice workers.

Rubber and latex are, of course, used routinely in a dental office, so here is how we keep our allergic patients safe:

• Your patient notes are suitably identified with latex allergic status
• We schedule you earlier in the day to lessen your exposure to airborne latex particles from glove powder
• The treatment room is prepared by staff wearing non-latex gloves who clean every surface and piece of equipment to reduce airborne latex particles
• We wear non-latex gloves, masks and we avoid using rubber dam, rubber mouth props, rubber polishing cups and syringes with rubber

Whatever allergies or concerns you may have, please share them with us and we will work with you to provide you with the most comfortable care.