Good oral health = Good overall health

Good oral health = Good overall health

27 April 2020 . Posted by Laurelyn in Tips and Tricks

Now that the restrictions have been eased, we’re pleased to say that we're open from Monday to Friday to take care of your oral health.

So if you are overdue for a check-up, contact us to make a time for our team to screen for problems of the teeth, gums, tongue and lining of the mouth.

In the meantime, if you've let it slide lately, recommit yourself to keeping your mouth healthy. Good oral hygiene is an essential part of maintaining good overall health. In fact, it can help you avoid numerous chronic conditions such as diabetes, cognitive decline and cardiovascular disease.

Remember to:
• Wash your hands before touching your mouth
• Rinse and gargle for 60 seconds with a mouthwash containing hydrogen peroxide. Look for rinses containing a concentration of 1.5%.
• Clean between teeth with floss, small interdental brushes or a water flosser
• Brush with a power toothbrush for at least 2 minutes twice a day
• Run your tongue over your teeth and if they feel furry, clean again to remove plaque
• If you see any bleeding, clean again to remove plaque
• Spit out after brushing but don’t rinse to give your teeth a mini-fluoride treatment
• Wash your hands again

Call us on 4729 5777 or email for your check up and clean. We are here to keep you safe, healthy and happy.