Try to destress

Try to destress

23 April 2020 . Posted by Laurelyn in Tips and Tricks

Even the calmest amongst us have been stressed lately. If you're feeling overwhelmed, keep an eye out for signs of sore jaws, sensitive teeth and frequent headaches caused by bruxism.

Bruxism or teeth grinding/clenching is a classic reaction to stress. Long term grinding or clenching can chip, wear down and crack teeth or fillings.

Try to de-stress with yoga, facial massage and warm baths. And remember, give yourself a break from the news.

Your best friend is a custom-fitted bite guard called a night guard or occlusal splint which is worn at night.

It’s not sexy and it doesn’t treat the underlying causes of bruxism but will stop you damaging your teeth and you’ll feel a whole lot better when you wake up in the morning.

So if you’ve got a bite guard, please wear it at night. Don’t let it gather dust on your bedside table.

If you don’t have a bite guard, have a chat with our dentists. We'll be open again on Monday. More news on that soon!