A better bite

12 March 2007 . Posted by Cameron in Smile Stories

Errol Wolf came to us for a routine check-up. He mentioned in passing that he’d been suffering from bad headaches and migraines, which had been gaining in frequency and severity. He couldn’t fly or drive long distances without getting a migraine. Some could last three days.

Errol was at a loss as to the cause of the headaches and what to do about them. He had his eyes tested – negative. He noticed that eating certain foods or missing meals could aggravate the problem. So he eliminated the problem foods from his diet and made sure never to miss meals. But the headaches persisted. He consulted various medical and healthcare practitioners – to no avail. And, to make matters worse, painkillers had little effect.

I really felt for Errol – he was clearly in a lot of discomfort – and I was confident Neuromuscular Dentistry could help him. I explained what it was all about. He may have thought it sounded strange but I think he was ready to give anything a go.

So we examined Errol’s teeth, bite and jaw. We determined his ideal bite and jaw position, then prepared an orthotic to adjust his bite. We hoped to see a result in two to three months. We would continue to adjust the orthotic every two weeks as Errol’s bite improved.

Errol kept a headache diary to monitor our progress. Before we commenced treatment, he was suffering 30 headaches a month. After a month of treatment, the number of migraines he suffered were reduced by 90 per cent.