I loved to laugh but I hated my smile

I loved to laugh but I hated my smile

05 July 2007 . Posted by Cameron in Smile Stories

When Debbie Bellamy came to us, we took her through our usual getting-to-know-you procedures – everything from a comprehensive oral health examination to a lengthy discussion about her dental health, medical history and general concerns, complaints and desires.

After listening to Debbie for some time, it was obvious her teeth were giving her grief. Debbie wasn’t happy with the appearance of her smile. “I love to laugh,” she told us, “but I’ve always hated my smile. To me, it’s ugly. No matter how much time I spend dressing up, I’ve never felt pretty.”

Debbie explained how she’d cover her mouth when laughing, avoid the camera at weddings and never wear lipstick, not wanting to draw attention to her mouth.

She had a few gaps between her teeth and some old crowns that were starting to show their age and look a bit lifeless. She was keen to see what her options were for improving her smile. We did a ‘smile assessment’ and prepared a treatment plan for Debbie, showing her how porcelain veneers could improve the colour, shape, size, angulation and orientation of her teeth to give her the smile she’d always dreamed of. She couldn’t book in fast enough.

We showed Debbie through our ‘smile catalogue’ and helped her choose the right style of veneer to suit her face, mouth and existing teeth, as well as appealing to her personal preferences. Debbie chose a very feminine, natural-looking smile.

We then set about getting the colour of the veneers just right to perfectly suit her complexion. Debbie’s new smile was then prepared and completed over two visits. She now has a beautiful and, most importantly, perfectly natural looking smile. Her porcelain veneers are indistinguishable from her own teeth.

Debbie says she can’t stop smiling. She even wrote us a beautiful card to say thank you. “You’ve given me a great smile and changed the way I feel about myself. I cried from the time I left your surgery until I got home,” Debbie’s letter said.

“I feel more confident. I even got a promotion I never thought I’d get. For 25 years, I had a smile I was ashamed of and it took you three hours to correct. Thank you for what you have given me. I can’t stop smiling. You should see the lipsticks I’ve bought!”