Even more reasons to smile

29 July 2009 . Posted by Sarah in Smile Stories

Anita loves her new retirement lifestyle. She has time to slow down, paint, and enjoy the glorious sandy beaches near her home at Mission Beach.

But it wasn’t so long ago that her attention was focused on more painful things. The many years spent smoking in her youth combined with a fear of going to the dentist meant that she was faced with a problem most people would rather avoid.

“It’s always hard to tell a patient they are going to lose teeth,” says Dr Arnold. Anita remembers being so shocked to hear that she was going to lose her whole set of top teeth that she broke down in response. “I wasn’t ready for it at all,” says Anita.“But we were able to save the bottom teeth so it was lucky for me that I went to him early enough.”

The days when your only option for missing teeth was to put up with a gap or to get full dentures are gone. Instead, many people these days are choosing dental implants. Dental implants provide several advantages over other tooth replacement options. But basically their major selling point is that they look and function like a natural tooth. This meaning that they are locked solid into your jaw so you can bite into all of your favourite foods. And implants are cleaned exactly like you would your natural teeth.

“They don’t move and I really, really like them,” says Anita.

Cameron is happy with the results as well, “She just lights up when you ask her to smile and she looks completely natural.”