Loving life…pain free!

27 April 2010 . Posted by Sarah in Smile Stories

Imagine a life where the first thought when you open your eyes each day was, “How bad will the pain be today?” It sounds like the stuff of nightmares, but Sofia lived with this reality for most of her adult life.

“I would wake up each morning and my jaw would be so locked that I had to physically pry it open with my hands. I had shooting headaches through my temples, behind my ears and down my back,” Sofia says. “I was popping painkillers every day and I felt like if I could just get rid of my head I would be fine.”

Lucky for Sofia, Dr Cameron Arnold had been undertaking training in the groundbreaking new field of neuromuscular dentistry and he began to see that this might be a solution for Sofia’s problems. “When you are sitting in these (neuromuscular) lectures and the lecturers are talking about the different symptoms, in your minds eye a patients face sort of jumps out and a lightbulb clicks on. Sophia was definitely one of those patients.”

But Sofia wasn’t that easily convinced. “At first my husband, Frank, and I were pretty skeptical because it was a pretty expensive process and we had been to so many experts in the past and nothing had helped,” Sofia said. “But there was a temporary stage that you could do that wasn’t prohibitively expensive and it was also a reversible process so we decided to give it a try. And to our amazement it worked. So we decided to go ahead with the full procedure.”

After embarking on orthotic work to improve Sofia’s bite and improving Sofia’s jaw position, Sofia also had crowns put on her bottom teeth and veneers put on her top teeth to refine the look of her smile.

So has it made a difference? “My clicky jaw is gone. My headaches are gone. My pain is gone! Having done this procedure really has changed my life.”