More confident than ever

01 September 2010 . Posted by Sarah in Smile Stories

As a successful real estate agent Jason knows a thing or two about the power of confidence. Part of the way he has created that confidence has involved paying special attention to his clothes and appearance.

But there was one thing that kept his confidence at bay. Something that he didn’t want to think about for the fear of what might lay ahead.

“Aesthetically I wasn’t happy with my teeth. I had a little gap down the bottom and the teeth were crossed over at the front. I’d look in the mirror and I didn’t like what I saw,” Jason said. “But I’d had some very bad experiences as a young child with dentists and I was very frightened and fearful of the whole thing.”

The avoidance of dentists due to previous dental trauma is a story Dr Cameron Arnold is very familiar with.

“Jason had this paradoxical situation where he was so scared of getting his teeth done that he neglected his teeth,” says Cameron. “He was embarrassed by his teeth and he didn’t smile as much as he should have. Overall that can affect somebody’s confidence.”

But Cameron’s softly, softly approach eventually overcame Jason’s resistance so some real work could begin. “As Cameron got me in bit by bit into the chair, with very gentle things, I got some courage to go the next steps” says Jason.

And once he got comfortable in the dental chair, he was ready to do whatever it took to get the smile of his dreams. Smile Dental established a new bite, did a full mouth reconstruction, prepared every tooth in his mouth for porcelain crowns and restored his whole mouth to where it is today.

“I didn’t realize how much it would adjust how I felt until after the work was completed. I am a reasonable confident person everyday but what I have found is that I smile a lot more, definitely,” Jason says.

Jason’s smile is now whiter and brighter than anybody else in town and that’s the way he likes it!