Sarah Arnold

Sarah Arnold

Marketing and Practice Co-ordinator
New Zealand-born Sarah Arnold moved to Townsville while still at high school. And it was in Townsville in 1981 that she met a man who made her smile. So she married him. Today, they have five children, several cats and dogs, and one dental practice.

As Marketing and Practice Co-ordinator, Sarah is a key player in keeping Cameron&Co at the forefront of the dental profession – from creating a comfortable and rejuvenating environment for patients, to keeping staff up to speed and on the case.

Sarah is the brains and brawn behind the "Cameron&Co" brand. She has given guest lectures at universities, and delivered presentations at major conferences, such as the World Clinical Laser Institute's Asia Pacific Symposium held in Cairns in 2007. She is a regular contributor to the industry journal, Australasian Dental Practice Magazine.

Working with our hygienist Laurelyn Higgins and other key staff, Sarah has developed two professional development programs for the dental care profession. These have become industry-leading programs, attracting dental care practitioners from around the country. The programs are delivered in-house at Cameron&Co. Sarah and Laurelyn have also provided on-site consultancy for other dental practices.

Sarah has completed professional development programs herself with the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies, and regularly attends national and international courses and seminars in dental practice management and technology, such as the Greater New York Dental Conference. 

Sarah's perfect smile is the result of a cosmetic make-over performed by Dr Arnold, involving porcelain veneers on her upper teeth, and a full lower arch reconstruction. Neuromuscular dental procedures were employed to determine her ideal bite. 

Though her last cavity was in 1976, Sarah had numerous amalgam fillings—which could be attributed to growing up with non-fluoridated water in New Zealand. These have since been replaced with porcelain inlays.
Sarah loves food, travel, getting her hair done, Dr Arnold and their five children: Thomas, Hamish, Charlotte, Harriet and Beatrice. She is a serious cook, and if she wasn't so busy running a family and dental practice, she'd probably be running Sarah's Osteria.

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