Rebecca Jezzard

Rebecca Jezzard

Dental Assistant
Rebecca Jezzard is a Dental Assistant providing expert care and support to patients. She is also responsible for training newcomers to the clinical area at Cameron&Co.

Rebecca has completed the Certificate III in Dental Assisting with the Australian Dental Association of Queensland and a Certificate II in Business.

She has also completed in-house training with the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies. She participates in our quarterly team building and practice management workshops, and attends annual conferences such as the Australian Dental Congress.

Rebecca has worked in dental care since 1995. She has been with Cameron&Co since 2000.

Rebecca’s oral health is excellent and will stay that way with ongoing continuing care appointments and a thorough dental hygiene plan.

Rebecca hails from Kembla in New South Wales, and moved to Queensland in 1986. She loves horse riding on the beach and anything that keeps her active, fit and healthy.

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