Laurelyn Higgins

Laurelyn Higgins

Laurelyn Higgins is one of Australia’s most experienced, respected and highly qualified dental hygienists. She joined Cameron&Co in 1999.

Laurelyn completed her studies with the University of Toronto in 1970. She has practised in Canada, Germany, Bermuda, England and now Australia. She is a Registered Dental Hygienist with the Queensland Dental Board, a Member of the Dental Hygiene Association of Australia (Queensland branch) and a Certified Trainer.

Laurelyn is the key planner and presenter of “Develop the Hygienist, Develop the Practice” – a professional education and training program run by Cameron&Co (the only course of its kind in Australia). She is also a regular contributor to newspapers and magazines.

Laurelyn is the perfect role model for dental hygiene – her last cavity was in 1968. In her spare time, Laurelyn loves to dabble with her silk paints and show off Australia to international visitors. She enjoys playing the keyboard and taking long walks with her husband Pat, who is a retired dentist.

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