Julie Lyon

Julie Lyon

Treatment Consultant
Julie Lyon first entered the dental industry as a work experience student at the age of 16. She joined Cameron&Co as Patient Care Coordinator in 1999. After taking a few years out to raise a family, she rejoined the team in 2005.

Today, as Treatment Consultant, Julie manages new patients, treatment plans and recommendations for our dentists. She is a trainer in our New Patient and Treatment Planning Workshop. And she also runs the front office.

Julie has more than 20 years’ experience in patient care and practice management. She has a special interest in paedodontics and oral health education for kids. She has completed in-house training through the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies, and attended our Dental Hygiene Workshop. She participates in our quarterly team building and practice management workshops, and attends annual conferences such as the Australian Dental Congress.

Julie has a perfect dental health record. As a sweet tooth and regular coffee drinker – especially the Cameron&Co coffee, she says! – Julie has six-monthly hygiene appointments. Thanks to dental sealants prepared in primary school, and a thorough dental hygiene plan, Julie remains cavity-free.

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